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860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island

Goodwin Square - Hartford, CT

A Sleek, Updated Lobby for the Goodwin


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Tecton was tasked to re-envision an outdated 10,000 sf Atrium Lobby for the Goodwin Square Office Tower. With a new owner and limited budget, Tecton transformed the once 80’s looking lobby into a sleek and contemporary corporate environment. A new glass and steel canopy juxtaposed over the historic Goodwin Hotel Facade announces its understated but elegant approach. Once inside, a new marble clad reception station is instantly visible back dropped by a 30’ tall,  bronze glass paneled wall, custom designed seating and new lighting to accentuate the drama and volume of the space.



  • New entrance creates an inviting lobby with axial visibility through the entire space.
  • Modern glass canopy provides visual interest and recognition at street level, while allowing visibility of the ornate historic details of the existing façade.
  • LED lights throughout the interior space highlight the contemporary, white color palette and pops of jewel-toned fabrics add vibrancy that attract people to the previously underutilized space.
  • Integration of Goodwin Square branding elements and relocation of the security desk improved wayfinding.
  • Following re-design, tenant capacity has increased substantially.