Q & A with Rebecca Hopkins


Rebecca is an Architectural Designer and the newly appointed Manager of Emerging Technology for Tecton.


How did you get into Architecture?
I have a slightly different backstory from most architects. I didn’t know that I always wanted to be an architect or play with Legos for the better part of my childhood. I wanted a career that challenged me every day. In my opinion, architecture affects every aspect of our lives, whether it be conscious or sub-conscious, positive or negative. Architecture is a continuous dialogue between the user and the built environment where the design challenges are constantly changing. As a result, as an industry we must adapt and change with the developing challenges. With these developing challenges, what I found most intriguing was the ability to combine multiple areas of interest into one field; requiring a unique type of problem solving; shaping how I approach the design process, technology integration and client interaction.


What is your role at Tecton?
My role at Tecton is twofold. I’ve been an Architectural Designer with the firm for more than 3 years, primarily working with Public Safety and Corporate clients. Recently, I’ve also taken on the role of Manager of Emerging Technology, supporting Tecton’s commitment to invest and implement technologies that have a tangible impact on our day-to-day workflows. Bringing organization and structure to our existing technology efforts, with a focus on research, development and implementation. This year, we are primarily focused on our tiered Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Initiative, 3D Printing and Mixed Media Modeling Shop, and Job Site efficiency.


What do you like about your job?
Every day is different! Different interactions, different challenges. From local police departments to Fortune 500 clients, I love the innate dichotomy of my job; of private vs. public, of spacing client experience vs. functionally driven space.


Who or what inspires you?
There is a concept that my Mom taught me called the Mosaic of Impressions. My inspiration comes from a mosaic of people, events, quotes, places... Taking small pieces of inspiration and lessons learned from those around me – motivating and shaping me into the best version of myself.


What career tip would you give a student who is entering the A/E/C industry?
Immerse yourself. I think the architectural, engineering and construction industry is many times misunderstood.  In my experience, there is a tangible delineation between academia and the opportunities or career paths within the “real world”. My best advice would be to immerse yourself within the industry whether through a mentorship program, an internship, industry organizations or conferences, specialty research; find what intrigues you and shape your education around those experiences.


If you had a month off, all expenses paid trip, where would you go?
Someplace where I can truly immerse myself in the culture! I’ve thought about a trip to South America, maybe visiting Machu Picchu; somewhere to enjoy the food, get lost in the history and art, and to live like the native people do.

860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island

860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island